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Another bad sentence from Bonita’s homework:  After cycling through Central Park, the man was weary/wary.   Not enough detail!  Weary is best because he could be tired after the bike ride.  However, wary makes sense as well because she chose Central Park which is known for being dangerous at night.  I want to make a better sentence.  After cycling through the park, the man took a break because he was weary.  Or, While cycling through Central Park, the man felt wary because of danger.  My examples aren’t great, so if you have a better one that would be great. 

weary wary asked Sep 01 '13 at 18:06 Bonita New member

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If your only purpose is to exemplify the difference for a student or teacher, I would make short, common sentences that are easily memorable.


"He was wary of strangers at night."

"He was weary from biking all night."

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