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Here is a question with further and farther.  The word farther relates the idea of more distance being covered, right?  Example: The store is farther down the road.  The word further, to my understanding is related to time.  The date of the event was moved further into the future.  However, in the example below, the meaning is more like additionally, I suppose. Example: “Allow me to further/farther explain my case,” said the defendant.  In this example, which would be most appropriate: further or farther?

farther further asked Sep 01 '13 at 02:59 Chantal New member

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You are considering only the adverbial use of farther/further; you have forgotten the adjectival use of further.


Further can also mean something that has been extended, like "further discussion" or "further delay".


In this case, you are wanting to extend your explanation.  Clearly, you already attempted to explain something, and now you are petitioning permission for more time to explain.


"Allow me to further explain my case."

link comment answered Sep 01 '13 at 20:00 Aaron Prejean Expert

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