Spelling:rythym or rhythym, or rhythm


Sigh!  I need your help, quick if possible.  Ok you know when someone can dance really good you say He has ______.  (Sounds like rih-thum) I know that it is not rithm, because I remember that it has a y rythm, but my friend who is here with me says she thinks it has two ys , rythym or rhythym, or rhythm but she is not sure which one is right.  They all look really crazy to me, like not even English! If you could answer quick, that would be great because this is for homework for my class in less than one hour. But even later please let me know!  Until I hear from you I am going to just put rythym.

spelling asked Aug 28 '13 at 23:55 Bonita New member

Here is a link to an online dictionary that will help you with spellings and definitions.


Lewis NeidhardtAug 29 '13 at 00:55

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It's  definately rhythm.

link comment answered Aug 29 '13 at 07:56 lee leeeder New member

The correct spelling is "rhythm". But if you want you may go here http://majesticpapers.com and talk to educational experts that helps with different students' assignmnets.

link comment answered Feb 16 at 14:16 indianainglis New member

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