what's wrong with this sentence?


what's wrong?

See example:

Secondly, the CEOs always regard HR department as a tool to manager employees more than a partner, because HR department is not an independent agency, it also need to be responsible for CEOs.
asked Mar 09 '12 at 15:44 fuchenyang New member

2 answers


1. Because THE HR department...


2. It also NEEDS...


3. for THE CEOs...

link comment answered Mar 09 '12 at 17:16 Jorge Alex Passamani New member

Personally, I am agree that an apology implies a recognition that an injustice ocurred. Instead of take the blame for past actions, we Australians of Anglo-Saxon descent must recognise the hurst of the stolen generations and the decide doing something about it. With apologising, we are building a bridge to reconcillation and to healling.

link answered Apr 15 '12 at 11:44 mm mmmmmmm New member

*I agree*

MintweyNov 09 '14 at 06:26

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