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2nd Question for Bonita:


Are insure and ensure interchangeable?  Insurance is something that you by that will make sure that you are covered for an accident.  I don’t know any words that are like ensure.  But I have seen the drink, Ensure, which is a shake that makes sure that you have the vitamins and menerals that you need for the day.  So they both basically mean to make sure of something or to make sure something is protected or done.  So she was wondering if it matters if you use the spelling insure or ensure?  I suggested sticking with ensure just because I think it looks better and I think it is more common because I never really see insure unless it is talking about insurance and she is not talking about insurance in what she is writing.  

Ensure Insure insurance sure asked Aug 28 '13 at 03:22 Bonita New member

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