If you could answer this quick, that would be great. I need support to prove that I am right on spelling.  In my writing class, there is a girl Brenda and she wrote on my paper, : This character should have a bigger roll.  Funny but at first I thought that she meant like a piece of bread for a second! Then I realize that she means “role” as in a bigger part as a character in the story.  So when I told her that is not how you spell that because it is a different word she didn’t believe me.  Well, she said okay but I could tell from her face that she was skeptical.  So I told her about this Grammarly answers website because I get good answers so I am going to show her what you guys say.

You are correct. A roll is a piece of bread or a list. A role is a part.

You might think of using an online dictionary to answer these types of questions for you. They will give you an immediate response. I like

Lewis NeidhardtAug 25 '13 at 15:24

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