Alright OR Allright- I hope that I am right!


Help me settle an argument with my know-it-all boyfriend.  He is not really all that good at writing either so I don’t trust anything he says but he did go to a year of junior college and that is more than I can say for me!  Anyway, I left him a note on the table because he was sick last night and I didn’t see him in the morning so I asked, hey do you feel allright this morning? Call me at work if you feel bad and I will bring you some soup and stuff on my lunchbreak.  So he, because he loves to be right, says to me, “Miss Writer, I feel great now, but you can’t spell as good as you thought you could.”  He says its alright not allright, but you are asking if ALL is well (or right) so you say ALLRIGHT… AL is not a word by itself except for a name. But he said, it’s like always, which I had to give him that but I am hoping that I am still right?  I need a really smart, educated one to tell us!

"Allright" is not a word. You don't need someone really smart to tell you that. You just need a dictionary. If you intend to be a writer, get yourself some tools. The very basic ones you need are a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Patty TAug 25 '13 at 08:40

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