Speak your... (piece or peace)?


Piece or Peace?  It’s me again.  I think I know stuff, but then I second guess myself.  My gram used to always say, Speak your ______! (piece/peace) and I am trying to write that phrase but which is the official one?  They both make sense because you can say: Speak your piece.  Like I have a piece of the conversation and you have another part and that is your portion.  The conversation is the whole and the pieces are the parts or the fractions like pie slices.  OR, Speak your peace.  Like if you are having an argument with someone and what you are going to say is going to calm everyone down or give the final solution so the problem is over.  I said my piece.  I said my peace so now we have a truce.  Hmm, I don’t know?!

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wrong look up both one deals with fealings and speaking the other units

link comment answered May 02 '16 at 00:20 Jim Ferguson New member

You speak your piece, it's your contribution to whatever is under contention,

link comment answered Apr 14 '16 at 18:16 Jonathan Abell New member

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