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This really seems too wordy. Pleae give suggestions. Thank you!

See example:

The curriculum guide/plan includes the following components: (1) schoolwide expected student outcomes, (2) an educational philosophy that includes a biblical basis for each course, and (3) mapping or scope and sequence of instruction for each subject area at each grade level (incorporating items such as time frame for each instructional unit, overall instructional goals for each course, instructional resources and textbooks, specific instructional objective for each unit of study, instructional methods, and evaluation and assessment strategies).
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The curriculum guide plan includes the following components:
     1. Expected student outcomes.
     2. An educational philosophy with a biblical basis for each course.
     3. Mapping (or scope and sequence) of instruction for each subject area, at each grade level. Incorporating items such as:

             a. Time frame for each instructional unit.

             b. Overall instructional goals for each course.

             c. Instructional resources and textbooks.

             d. Specific instructional objective for each unit.

             e. Instructional methods.

             f. Evaluation and assessment strategies.

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