in the following paragraphs, identify the part of speech of each bold word


The famous ones occured in California and in the Klondlike during the 1800s. stories have been told and retold about fortunes made and lost in the gold feilds, especially near San Francisco and Dawson. However, on all of the north American continent these were not the fist sites of gold fever. several years earlier, the discovery and lure of the gold drew a Swarm of prospectors To auraria in northern georgia. 

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We don't do homework here, Faka. Perhaps if you attempt the work yourself, we'll help you understand any you might have wrong.

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One- adverb Klondike during- adjectiveGold- adjectiveSan Fransisco- nounAll- pronounThese- adjectiveEarlier- adjectiveSwarm- adjectiveTo- preposition

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