There are times when lying is acceptable.Do you agree or disagree?


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There are times when lying is acceptable.Do you agree or disagree?


I agree with this statement “there are times when lying is acceptable”.My opinion can be explained with some samples whre it will be better  to escape the truth.


First,there are some situations where your truth or falsehood does not matter.For instance,if a girl asks her friend  it she looks good or not in her new dress , her friend will be justified by lying and saying that she does  , even though she does not and she will be lying to avoid hurting each other’s feelings.


Next,there are some admisseble cases in medical situations to encourage a patient and make him fight for his life.If a patient , is going to be operated on , he asks his doctor if he will be okay , although the chances of survival may be little , it will be admissible for the doctor to lie and say that everything will be allright and the patient will be encouraged to wrestle against the sickness.I had experience in this.About a year ago , my friend had a terrible car accident and the doctor said he would not be able to walk again.We were shocked , and did not know how to say it to his mother.However , his nephews decided not to tell the fact to her as she could pass off or be shocked to generate other problems of her own.We felt guilty of not not telling her ,who became hopeful by the white-lie that her son would leave his bed.After a year my friend was getting better and his mother was a good supporter.If we had told her the truth , she would have been despaired that she could take care of her son and her own health would be in danger.


Finally , although lying is not good sometimes it can be a better way than the truth.   

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