I'm not sure why it is wrong can someone help?

See example:

Although, we might hear of the word suicide in the news, media, and out of people's mouth, we might not understand the meaning or degree of it, in detail, unless someone have personally experienced suicide attempt and even then it is different for each and every person.
asked Feb 23 '12 at 00:28 Wanda Cruz New member

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You started off okay, but turned this into a run on sentence.  As you did, you got off with your tenses and used the word "it" a lot.


First, figure out how many thoughts you have here.  I count three.  Given the separate thoughts, break them into new sentences.  That should help you clean up the wording very quickly.  When you do, remember that people is plural (you are correct in apostrophe use, but incorrect in the number of mouths that multiple people have) and someone is singular (meaning "has" is appropriate, not "have"), and "news" and "media" are effectively the same thing.


A possible rewrite:


1 - Suicide is commonly reported in the media and by word of mouth.

2 - Still, understanding suicide is difficult without personally experiencing a suicide attempt.

3 - Even those attempting suicide have different reasons and experiences.

link comment answered Feb 23 '12 at 00:41 Rik Kluessendorf Contributor

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