problem wth sentence


I could'nt correct the sentence can you help me pls?

See example:

If I am accepted to the program, I will be happy, too.
asked Feb 22 '12 at 13:58 birsenaltayli New member

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You both are correct that this is in the passive voice, but I don't know that your corrections help the author any.


The issue comes in the form of the word "to accept."  Tolley suggests a passive version, "am accepted" without ever stating who performs the act of accepting.  Lewis suggests turning the verb into a noun.  Both are technically correct, as is the original statement, but probably not the best for your writing.


I assume that there is some context to this.  You likely are writing an application to a program.  If I am reading it right, you have probably given the program a list of reasons to accept you.  In addition to that list, you are saying that you will be happy if the program accepts you. 


Here is a more effective way to say that, which does not get into unusual grammatical tenses.


I will be happy if the program accepts me.  


I would suggest something deeper than that - perhaps describing why you will be happy, what obstacles you have overcome, what dreams you have, and what this program will mean to your family (specifically), but form-wise, my suggestion is very simple and to the point.

link answered Feb 22 '12 at 18:08 Rik Kluessendorf Contributor

The flag for me in the sentence "I will be happy if the program accepts me" is that "program" can not perform the action as a singular or collective inanimate. This may be best said in the passive. TolleyFeb 22 '12 at 20:06

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