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Is she cooking food properly?

asked Feb 22 '12 at 08:45 Sahil Molri New member

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I agree with Tolley, except when it comes to the passive question.


Active voice is defined as a sentence in which the actor and subject are the same.  To determine that, figure out who or what is performing the action.  If that noun is not your subject, you have a passive sentence.


"Is she cooking the food properly?"  Turned into a statement, as Tolley says, becomes "She is cooking the food properly."  "She" is your actor.  The action she is doing is "cooking."  "She" is also the subject.  


If we took the statement version and turned it passive, it would read something like, "The food was cooked properly by her."  There, the food is not the one doing the cooking, but it is the subject of the sentence.  So, a passive question would look something along the lines of that statement in question form:


"Was the food cooked properly by her?"

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