believe in or believe?


Hello, i have been wondering something about prepositions after verbs and I found out this website.

The first question in here is; 

how to use the verb "believe"

I encounter this verb just "believe" and using with "in" like "believe in"

which one is true?

why do we use "believe me" ? isn't this "believe in me" ?

or "believe in fate" "believe in yourself"

how do I know where to use "in" or just believe?

asked Aug 06 '13 at 20:59 uzza uzzix New member

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Being asked to "believe me" simply means to trust that what the person says is true. It tends to apply to a particular claim, rather than ask that you trust that everything he/she says is true.


To 'believe in' something or someone tends to convey a more fundamental, perpetual faith in the guidance or meaning of that idea/person. In the case of an idea or non-physical identity, like a god, to 'believe in' is also to hold that it is real and not fake or an illusion. In the case of a person, he or she could ask that you believe in him/her, meaning to trust or have faith that he/she is capable of something, such as devotion to your relationship or capable of a challenge, as examples.

link comment answered Aug 07 '13 at 19:56 Greg deJong Contributor

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