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English is been spoken across the world.

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You have the wrong format of "to be."  Depending on what you mean by this - and appropriate variations can change the meaning subtly - there are different forms of "to be" that would work here.


English is being spoken across the world.

English has been spoken across the world.

English is spoken across the world.

English was spoken across the world.


You can also remove this from the passive tense by stating the actor as your subject:


People speak English across the world.

People spoke English across the world.


In order to strengthen this up a bit, I might suggest a different phrase for the ending as well.  The phrase, "across the world," is technically correct, but think about the meaning you intend.  If you intend to say that you are on one side of the world and the people on the other side of the world speak English, this is probably the appropriate phrase.  However, if you intend to say that English is a language that is found throughout the globe, a different phrase would help you.  Perhaps "throughout the world."

link comment answered Feb 10 '12 at 17:04 Rik Kluessendorf Contributor

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