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1)Please clarify me on the meaning of the word. 2)The news are really bad today. 3)The supervisor has an attitude towards his staff. 4)I would attended the serminar if there had been transport available. 5)The manager was very much pleased that the new project was approved. 6)The financial results for the year were awesome. 8)Walking down the street, the university was on the left hand side. 9)The student saw the advertisement on the newspaper.

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1) Please clarify the meaning of the word. 2) The news IS really bad today. 3) Needs an adjective - what kind of attitude did the supervisor have? 4) I would have attended... If there had been transport (no article necessary). 5) The manager was very pleased that the project had been approved ( both actions happened in the past, first the project was approved, then the manager was pleased). 6) OK. 8) The university was on the left ( you could add "hand side of the street", but it's not really necessary). The original sentence makes it sound as if the university is walking. 9) IN the newspaper.
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1) Clarify something for somebody/clarify somebody something. Please clarify me the meaning of the word.  2) The news is really bad today. If you want to count two pieces of news or some news but the latter should have a  singular verb. 3)Here you should explain what kind of attitude it is such as bad/harsh/ kind one etc. 4) I would have attended the seminar if there had been an available transport. ( you should be careful about the tense agreement. You may meet such a sentence but it is for deductions when you know the result  for instance, if we had applied the birth control 50 years ago, there would not be so many problems like..... 5)Normal. 6) last year may be better 8) would see that the university was.... 9) seems normal.

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