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I have a problem with comma use in the following example: “Her first number one hit came in 1989 "Ain't nuthin' in the World and "Ain't Nobody Like You followed by three top 10 hits "Come Share My Love", "Imagination" and "Love under New Management", which was the song, that also coincided and was birthed out her brief love affair with Gerald Levart.”

asked Apr 01 '11 at 04:14 Carol New member

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“Her first number one hit, "Ain't Nuthin' in the World," came in 1989, later followed by "Ain't Nobody Like You." Three of her other top 10 hits were "Come Share My Love", "Imagination," and "Love Under New Management," the latter of which coincided with and was birthed from her brief love affair with Gerald Levart.”


Note: Miki Howard's "Come Share My Love" and "Imagination" were both released and became hits before "Ain't Nuthin' in the World." "Love Under New Management" also came before "Ain't Nobody Like You." That's why I removed followed by three top 10 hits from your sentence. My other changes were purely grammatical.

link comment answered Apr 01 '11 at 20:52 Collane Ramsey Expert

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