passive and active voice


Here is another passive voice. What word combinations make this passive?

Would you re-write it as, Mexican immigrant mothers have lower rates of education than U. S.-born mothers. (But this kind of changes the meaning a little I think.)

See example:

Mexican immigrant mothers were found to have lower rates of education than U.S.-born mothers.
asked Feb 02 '12 at 00:26 janet New member

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Were found is what is making your sentence passive.  Because of the way you've wrote your sentence, we (the readers) are left wondering who has found the rate to be lower in one vs. the other. 


Your rewrite is correct, though I can understand your concern.  To me, it seems opinionated (for lack of a better word).  You could write Studies show that Mexican immigrant mothers... to make it less like your opinion and more like a fact.

link comment answered Feb 02 '12 at 02:32 Jody M. Expert

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