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How can I reword the statement so the passive voice is not used?In my classes, I try to use every productive strategy that I can find to engage students.  As an English teacher, I am often overwhelmed with reading literature and grading essays.  It is easy to fall into a routine.  For some educators that ritual of reading selections and writing papers may or may not garner success, but because it is the norm, we stick to the plan.  We often do not take the time to investigate and assess the needs of our students.  We teach to our own learning styles, and our student’s needs are secondary.
Several authorities on the subject of success amongst African American students point toward the arts, technology, varied teaching strategies, and parental involvement as a recipe for success.  I have incorporated several of these strategies in my classes and have found them to have lead to positive outcomes. I plan to demonstrate the effect of research and the success of incorporating teaching strategies geared toward this population.  This will be demonstrated using two classes with similar populations.   I will show the effects of teaching when the a-fore mentioned strategies are used,  as opposed to the effects of traditional teaching methods.   This observation can be a resource for other teachers who want to do their best and give the students what they require for educational success.

asked Jul 27 '13 at 00:35 dARLENE HAYES New member

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I am not sure why you don't want to use the passive voice.  Maybe it will help if you elaborate on this?

link answered Jul 27 '13 at 02:15 Ahmad Barnard Expert

Many teachers require papers to be written in the active voice, Ahmad. Grammarly's software flags the passive voice to help these students. As a result, many students conclude that passive voice is wrong. Of course it is not, but that is why we get these passive voice questions day after day.

Patty TJul 27 '13 at 12:04

I get it. I don't understand it, but I get it. I see no good reason why a teacher should require this. It's kinda like saying: You should only use compound sentences and not complex sentences in your report. If there were some grammatical lesson to be learnt, I might concede.

Ahmad BarnardJul 28 '13 at 02:46

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