Ellipses and dashes? Where does Grammarly get its information?


The ellipsis? Grammarly reports the way I do them is incorrect. I say they are incorrect! : )

Without getting into long detail, if the way I do them is wrong, why are all the New York Times Best Seller's using the space, dot, space, dot, space, dot, space?  Example: "Uhh . . . call first." 


Where is Grammarly getting their information? I am wondering if the rules have changed recently with the publication of the 16th version of Chicago Manual of Style.


I have the same comment and question regarding dashes. The NYT best sellers all print dashes the opposite of ellipses and have NO spaces on either side.

Example: "They finished with more coffee--Aron now thought he wouldn't sleep for weeks--and fresh fruit and yogurt." 

asked Jan 26 '12 at 02:44 G. Scherphorn New member

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I have to agree with Scherphorn. Perhaps Grammarly does not want writers to be perfect, otherwise, what need would there be for Grammarly.  When writing fiction, I sometimes get confused about how dashes and ellipses should "technically" appear on the page.  Often, I refer to the punctuation styles of best sellers and figure out proper punctuation.  I'm not sure Grammarly is 100% kosher.

link comment answered Apr 27 '12 at 02:56 Kevin Knott New member

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