Please comment on the sentence write-up, grammatically & otherwise


Please comment on below sentence, grammatically and otherwise.


"How do  you think Goofy, your own dog, was feeling when he watched you and Edward perform together and get rounds of applause and cheering from the spectators?"

asked Jan 18 '12 at 01:48 Jenny Lee New member

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"How do you think Goofy, your own dog, felt as he watched you and Edward perform and get rounds of applause and cheers from the spectators?"



You want to keep this sentence consistent, in the same tense and voice.  "...was feeling..." is passive, meaning the action (of feeling) is performed on the dog, when you want it to be active voice, where the dog feels something directly (in the voice, grammatically).


As for "cheers"...I switched it because you need to keep it consistent with the rest of the actions in that part of the sentence.  "Cheering" is a gerund/action...."cheers" is a noun....which directly agrees with the other noun in that section of the sentence "rounds of applause."  "Cheering" would only work if you say "....get applauding and cheering from the spectators...."

link answered Jan 18 '12 at 06:56 Scott Martin Contributor

Thanks very much indeed. One further question: "How do you think..." is correct instead of "What do you think..." in the context of the sentence. Is this correct? Jenny LeeJan 18 '12 at 07:12

In this context, yes, because the speaker is asking what "emotion" is an adjective sense, to describe the emotion of the dog. "What do you think" would refer to a specific feeling - the noun form. Here is an example of each for clarification. "How do you think Goofy felt?" "I think he felt sad and lonely." "What do you think Goofy felt?" "I think he felt sadness." (In this case, you may actually want to use "thought" instead of "felt", because thought refers to a noun, denoted by "What...", while felt refers to an adjective, denoted by "How....") Does that make it clear? Scott MartinJan 20 '12 at 03:56

Yes, very clear; thanks very much for answering my questions. Jenny LeeFeb 10 '12 at 12:16

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