coordinating conjuctions


what is the correct coordinating conjuction for the sentence:

Many people today desesperately want children ----- they are unable to conceive a child.

asked Jan 18 '12 at 00:44 Yadira Mantilla New member

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But or yet would work.  You would need a comma before either of them though.  And you've spelled desperately wrong.

link comment answered Jan 18 '12 at 01:16 Jody M. Expert

While I agree with Jody, I would actually rewrite this sentence to read a bit different.  Your original sentence implies that "many people want children, but - (and this is where the implied confusion comes in) - all of them are unable to conceive a child."


In my opinion, you can rewrite the sentence as:


"Many people today desperately want children; however, there are some who are unable to conceive a child."


This eliminates any confusion between "everywhere who wants children, can't" and "some people who want children, can't."


Hope this clears some things up!

link comment answered Jan 18 '12 at 07:00 Scott Martin Contributor

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