can i say.i have finished to speaking english?


can i say. i have finished speaking english?

asked Jul 24 '13 at 04:42 mohd New member

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Your sentence is grammatically correct.

I have finished reading the book.

link comment answered Jul 25 '13 at 10:54 Z. A. Jazley Expert


The short answer is no (I guess you can say it, but it is not correct).  When you say that you are finished with an activity, it means that you are done and the activity is complete.  (For example, I am finished reading the book.)  Even native English speakers are never finished speaking English.

I hope this helps.

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Mohammad - your question is about the relationship between 'finished' and 'speaking'. However, I am confused because your subject heading and the question in your text differ.


i have finished speaking english?


i have finished to speaking english?


If you use a capital lette for 'I', your first sentence would be correct.  Let me explain.  You could say:  I have finished the dishes.  Here 'the dishes' is the direct object of the verb 'finished'.  In your example sentence, you have the same construction - you need an object for 'finished'.  An object can be a whole lot of:  a noun, a pronoun, a gerund, and infinitive, or anything else [phrase or clause] that does the same job.  For non-mother tongue speakers, the choice between a gerund and an infinitive is always a tricky one.  You simply need to immerse yourself in the language to develop a natural feeling for it.  Some verbs take ONLY an infinitive, and some verbs take ONLY a gerund.  However, some verbs can take both.  In your case, the verb 'finish' [base form] always takes a gerund and not an infinitive.  You can't write: I have finished to study.  The correct object for 'finish' is always a gerund:  I have finished studying.  

link comment answered Jul 25 '13 at 14:44 Ahmad Barnard Expert

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