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When the following phrase is used? 'This is Ken'

       ►  Answering the telephone        ►  Introducing yourself in person        ► Asking who is on the line        ► Introducing yourself in general

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I would use "This is Ken" only if I were not face to face with someone.  If someone is talking on the phone then hands the phone to me, I might say "This is Ken."  If I am trying to establish identity on the phone, if there is, for some reason, some confusion, I would say "This is Ken" to help clarify.


In person, when I introduce myself, I would say "My name is Ken" or "I'm Ken" followed by other pleasantries appropriate to the context: "Please have a seat", "It's nice to (finally) meet you", "Won't you please come in?", etc.


I hope this helps you.

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Answering the telephone,i agree with you

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