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was first used in the sentence below grammatically correct? Do I use an apostrophe after 1300?

See example:

Toilet paper was first used in the 1300's.
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"was used" is fine.  It's passive, but the "doer" of the action (using toilet paper) isn't important. 


No, you don't use an apostrophe with 1300s.  Apostrophes are used to show omitted letters (don't) and possession. 

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Upon reading the answer provided by Patty, I did some online research.  I did this because I was always taught never to use an apostrophe with years or uppercase letters, such as ABCs.  Apparently, in American usage, it's ok to use an apostrophe when pluralizing years.  The opposite is true in British usage.  This is amusing to me since I'm American.


I suppose it's a style thing.

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Another example of why English is a confusing language. Even to native speakers the rules aren't always the rules! Patty TJan 08 '12 at 22:35

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Use 1300's for a strictly American audience, and 1300s (without the apostrophe) if you're writing for a British audience. 

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