How could I rewrite this sentence


What is the modifier in this sentence

See example:

As an Early Intervention Program teacher I work with a regular education to help serve these students better.
asked Jan 04 '12 at 23:14 Rheunnette Haire New member

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"As an Early Intervention Program teacher" needs a comma after it because it's the introductory clause.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't early intervention for children with developmental delays?  I'm confused by how you've used "regular education" in your sentence.  Perhaps you meant I work together with regular education...

link comment answered Jan 05 '12 at 00:57 Jody M. Expert

Why don't you want to use a different way of saying the same idea?


In order to improve the process of education of the students, I cooperate with the teachers of the regular institution as an EIP teacher.

link comment answered Jan 05 '12 at 02:13 Denis Belov New member

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