i wrote this sentence in the profile section in my cv, "I have now graduated and am looking for a full time post. I am well-organised, highly motivated and have excellent communication skills. In addition I am reliable, flexible, and quick to learn  "

is it good and correct?

asked Jul 23 '13 at 04:11 Rym New member

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RymJul 23 '13 at 05:37

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Don't worry Rym.  I am British and I see nothing wrong in sentence 2 either.    I suppose you could repeat the subject "I" ("...and I have...") if you wanted to, but I can't imagine any potential employer stopping for even an instant to criticise the fact you used more than one verb in a sentence!  You did miss a full stop but I'm not worried about that, 'cause I'm sure it's there in the original.  Good luck in your job hunting!

link answered Jul 24 '13 at 15:30 Caroline Wiggins New member

:) Thanks Caroline!

RymJul 25 '13 at 23:24

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Good morning Rym,


First of all, please don't beg for help by using excessive numbers of letters.  It is childish.


Sentence #1 is correct.


Sentence #2, although often seen in both speech and writing, is incorrect because it does not use parallel construction.  Let me use a simple sentence as an example.  If I were sharing with you things that I enjoy doing, I might say: I enjoy reading, hiking, and to dance.  This is incorrect because I did not use the same form of the verbs I enjoy.  To make this sentence correct I should change "to dance" to "dancing."  I enjoy reading, hiking and dancing.  This is parralel contruction.  One way to check for parallel construction is to take each item in the list individually:


I am well-organized.... -- This is correct.

I am ... highly motivated. -- This is also correct.

I am ... have excellent communication skills. -- This is obviously not correct.


Now that the source of the problem has been identified, you need to decided how to fix it.  Sometimes it's as easy as changing "to dance" to "dancing", but other times the list needs to be broken into two sentences or the other items in the list should be changed to match the one outlier.


Sentence #3 contains both a rookie mistake and one that is often harder to recognize.  There is no period (full stop) at the end.  That's the easy one to see.  Also, your introductory prepositional phrase should be offset by a comma:  "In addition, I am reliable, flexible, and quick to learn."  Going back to my discussion of sentence #2, do you notice the parallel construction here?


I hope this helps.

link answered Jul 23 '13 at 05:51 Neznayou New member

i didn't understand what's the problem with sentence 2! " I am well-organised, highly motivated and have excellent communication skills." I don't see the connection with dancing, to dance !!

RymJul 23 '13 at 22:50

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