can you tell me all errors of any type such as: vocab,passive voice ,article use of words in this ?


Recent remonstration against present Prime Minister of Russia or may be the next President Vladimir Putin, has brought a new twist in April presidential election of Russia. Prima facie it seemed that Putin is going to be calling the shots of the nation for next 12 years but current protest and show of resentment especially by middle strata is a worth thinking issue for Putin that how people, who used to adulate and adore him and held him in high reverence, out of the blue turned out to be protesters of Putin. Putin has been leading the country for last 12 years, 8 years as a President and 4 years as a Prime Minister by ruling the nation behind the curtains. According to Russian constitution one cannot serve more than 2 terms in sequence as a President with a term of 4 year each. That was why Putin had to abdicate rank even though he remained in politics by getting position of Prime Minister reckoned as most reputed rank after the President seat. Dmitry Medvedev, current President of Russia and Putin share convivial and congenial relations with each other. More appropriate to say that Medvedev is just a pawn directed by a thread clasped around Putin’s hand. Thanks to Medvedev for augmenting president tenure to 6 years by making amendment in constitution. Will Putin endure for next 12 years is a question to be raised and in total for 24 years, a feat that not even Soviet autocrats could easily achieve. During Putin’s regime the Russian economy bolstered up by 52%, political stability came and there is also amelioration in military and defense. These are the reasons for Putin’s relentless and inexorable grip on power. His anti-west outlook is just another factor. He just became invincible and impregnable for opposition parties. But antithesis to Putin’s image, United Russia is notorious for their klaptocratic members. But Putin's been strong for years - why such dissent now ? Certainly I think the Arab spring has its impact. Arab spring has promulgated the incense of democracy all over the world. Somehow Russian people are also getting the feeling of autocracy endemic in their own country. It is known that during his period Putin quashed and quelled the opposition, scotched and halted them from use of any media for their promotion campaign. Moreover, in recent local election the ruling United Russia party was alleged for election fraud. It was in news that election ballot has been falsified. However, even so they received less than 50% votes, a significant decline from previous elections, such as 64% in 2007's parliamentary elections. Putin has averred that protest movement was backed up and espoused by west and all this is a ploy and stratagem to foment and instigate the Russian mass. Opprobrium of election fraud by USA is just an instance of this. USA’s attempt to butt in and intrude in Russia’s politics can be pernicious and pestilent for itself. In addition to these, concentration of financial and political clout with rampant corruption and so long prolonged and elongated era of Putin are fueling the protest in Moscow and elsewhere. Even after the recent defeat, the likelihood of Putin’s triumph is still high. But Putin should become conscious before any political metamorphosis and must figure out the roots, and try to mollify and propitiate the common mass.

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