numbers: When to hyphenate? When to use numerals? When to use two words?


When writing a formal invitation, which of the fiollowing is the correct way to compose the number in the following sentence, and why?

". . . invited to attend the Chamber's Thirty-First Annual Meeting."
". . . invited to attend the Chamber's Thirty First Annual Meeting."
". . . invited to attend the Chamber's 31st Annual Meeting."

When should hyphenation be used? When is it proper to use numerals instead?  

asked Dec 14 '11 at 19:05 jeff holland New member

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In titles of events, writing, etc. with capital letters, the second line is fine.


Notes on numerals:

1. Spell out numerals in words from 1-10 when referring to street names, address numbers, or counting items within sentences (Fifth Avenue, Three Madison Avenue, There are eight visitors.) or any number as a beginning word of a sentence.( Four million participants.......)

2. Above 10, they can be in figure/numeric.

It is possible to serve 75 guests.


3. Hypenate numbers in words from 21 to 99 except those ending in 0. thirty-six, ninety-five, 40 forty,  70 seventy, (3,599) three thousand, five hundred ninety-nine

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