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Carlsberg Company is known as a one of the largest companies which produce beer with the high quality. The history of Calsberg began by J. C. Jacobsen in Denmark. Company began to remove its production from 1868. In January 2001 Carlsberg Company became the 5th biggest beer company after joining Norwegian beer company Orkla ASA. However Carlsberg was considered as the 4th biggest company in 2009 with more than 45 000 workmen. Carlsberg has been selling its products in Uzbekistan since 2006. Sarbast-is the brand name which was delivered to Tashkent in 2007. In 2008, October 10th, the JV which was known as a Sarbast Plus got new name - Carlsberg Uzbekistan. The total number of investment was 100 million dollars.

Products  and brands
Carlsberg Company which produces beer with premium taste has some provincial brands such as «Sarbast Original», «Sarbast Extra», «Sarbast Special», «Sarbast Strong». Besides it has 5 international brands such as «Tuborg Green», «Baltika №3, Baltika №9, Baltika №7 and kvass "Khlebny Krai"

Size and location
Copenhagen and Denmark are the centers of the Carlsberg Company. It has approximately 80 beer factories all around the world. In Uzbekistan there is also the branch of the company which has 473 workmen. Moreover, it has 41 thousand employees throughout the world. Carlsberg Group chose Uzbekistan as their provincial beer brand for some reasons: first of all, they considered the climate of Uzbekistan; next cause is the legislative basis which is strong enough in the country and because of the strong economic potential.

Market share in Uzbekistan
There are more than 27 million residents in Uzbekistan. As the economy of Uzbekistan is flourishing, the consumption of beer is also increasing. Nowadays, each person consumes approximately 6.3 liters per a year. The internal beer market has been developing for the past few years and in the future it is considered to be developing significantly.

Consolidated beer volume:  1.4 million hectolitres Market share:  56.3% Market position: 1

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