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where we use present perfect tense, present perfect continuous tense, past perfect tense, past perfect continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous

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Answering this would literally require a textbook. I suggest you visit our handbook for some explanations: http://handbook.grammarly.com. KimberlyDec 12 '11 at 22:40

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1. Present Perfect Tense: Action started in the past and continues to the present.

I have lived in NY for ten years.

She has been studying grammar since grade school.

2. Past Perfect Tense: One past action occurred prior to another past action.

The plane has departed before I reached the airport.

The girls had been dancing for so long when the music suddenly stopped.

3. Future Perfect Tense. A future action is to be completed before another future event.

Martha will have reached Boston by the time we will stop the meeting.

The senior students will have been playing before the teachers will dismiss the other classes.


Try to identify the relationships of the actions in each sentence. Not many speakers/even English speakers use the future perfect tense. The simpler sentence  you use the better, unless you go into advanced writing.

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