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Also, throughout the case study, the leaders forced their views and overstated the facts; therefore, people hesitated to say what they thought when there was a potential danger involving in these decisions. At critical moments, people were afraid to take responsibility. The team members didn’t feel important enough to discuss problems and concerns openly because they didn’t feel others needed their opinions, or they just didn’t want to make fools out of themselves. Team members were also guilty of emotional reasoning, and let their emotions overrule their reasoning, they reacted to what seemed urgent to them but forgot bigger picture. The over-confidence of leaders, the subtlety of ranking, of responsibilities and authority levels forced tem members to be quite and listen to the superior or person in charge. The critical condition of life and death situation made team members hesitate to share their opinions because they were afraid of certain responsibilities. A numbers of reasons include the fact they were all normal people who were complete strangers to each other. Crucial conversation that should have taken place is that people should have addressed their concerns at the time they arose, rather than keeping it to themselves. Some individuals thought they didn’t have the authority to say anything or make certain decisions, therefore, they kept their opinions to themselves because they didn’t feel it was their place to share. For example, Boukreev, Krakauer and Beidleman would mildly express their concerns but they all felt that they didn’t have the authority to speak up. Also, as a lack of leadership, Hall and Fischer should have allowed for input and feedback from the team rather than making all the decisions. Overall, the necessary crucial conversations never took place causing a great disconnect within the group and ultimately led to certain tragic situations later on.

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