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I have a problem with use of the passive voice in the following example: “Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website is very informative and educative; I am impressed with the news, hot topics, like the recent surveillance and preparedness for radiation fact sheets updated every 24-48 hours.”

asked Mar 31 '11 at 04:26 humphrey okoluku New member

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Technically, this sentence is fine.  Passive voice is not always incorrect.  The passive voice here is "I am impressed."  To make it active voice you would have to say it this way: 


"The news and hot topics, like. . .every 24-48 hours, impressed me."  


Honestly, to say this sentence in active voice is awkward.  I recommend keeping it as you have it.

link comment answered Mar 31 '11 at 16:33 Kimberly Expert

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