Stare or look?


I'm proofreading a book written by a friend, and we're having a disagreement over a word choice. A paraphrased version of the line in question is,

"The store owner was trying to chase away latecomers by looking daggers at them."

Now, I'm aware that the line is acceptable as it is, but substituting the word "staring" for the word "looking" seems more appropriate to me in this context. She disagrees.


What do you think? "Stare" or "look"?

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Neither seemed quite right to my ear, so I turned to my thesaurus.  I looked up the word glare, which is described as: to give a dirty look.  Synonyms given inlude glower, scowl, look daggers, stare angrily, and stare icily.  It does not list "stare daggers" so if the choice has to be stare daggers or look daggers, I'd have to agree with the thesaurus.  But I'd probably write the sentence this way:  The store owner glared (or stared icily) at the latecomers, hoping to chase them away.

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