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I need some help to change "seemingly target" I cannot figure out what should bethe correct wording.

See example:

Arguing over these two converging points, the increasing military strength may enforce U.S to easily turn into a responsive situation to counter the seemingly target of the People's Republic of China.
asked Nov 11 '11 at 06:21 Joan New member

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There are a few problems with the statement as you have written it. 


"military strength may enforce U.S to"

We use 'enforce' when we mean compelling observance of, or compliance with, a rule/law/policy/obligation. You cannot enforce an entity (eg the US), only enforce an action.

The word you a looking for is 'force', but that implies no options or choice so may not be accurate given the context of your argument. I would suggest 'prompt' instead.


"to easily turn"

You should not split infinitives in English. It should be 'to turn easily' or 'easily to turn', however, given the context, the use of the word "easily" may not be appropriate. 


"turn into a"

The US (a country) cannot 'turn into' a situation. You mean simply 'to'.


"a responsive situation"

I think you mean 'action' rather than 'situation'. I would also suggest removing the 'a'.


"seemingly target"

I think you mean 'perceived threat'.

'Seemingly' referes the appearance of something, and often indicates a degree of things not being quite as they appear, eg "The dragon lay in the sun, seemingly asleep."

By switching to the word 'perceived', the point of view shifts to that of the subject and so we can use the word which the subject would use, without worrying about the objective acuracy of the statement. In this case, the subject is the U.S.A. and the word you think they would use is "target". I suspect you mean 'threat'.  


"Arguing over these two converging points, the increasing military strength may easily prompt the U.S to turn to responsive action to counter the perceived threat of the People's Republic of China."


I think that corrects your sentence, however I would suggest rephrasing to: 


"Arguing over these two converging points, the increasing military strength of the People's Republic of China may prompt the United States of America to turn to responsive action to counter the preceived threat."


I hope all that helps.

link comment answered Nov 11 '11 at 10:21 Siân Harris Expert

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