Comma or Not a Comma, Which Is It?


First, it was suggested that the comma before "because" is unnecessary. Now I seem to be told that it's necessary. Which is it? Do I need a comma after "help" instead?? Perhaps?? I don't know.

See example (Please ignore the ellipsis after "dad" because I just ommitted some personal info, which is appropriate for other places but not here):

If anyone needs mental help it's her right now because she always seemed to enjoy reminding me how "screwed up" I am because my 
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You need a comma after HELP because IF is a subordinate clause marker (sometimes called adverb clause markers, too. ) When you use these words at the beginning of a sentence (when, while, because,before,after...) you need a comma at the end if the clause. If you see them in the middle if a sentence, you do not need to use the comma. This is why you need the comma after HELP but not before BECAUSE.

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