use of artile 'an'


Is the usage - an historical monument' correct? why?

asked Nov 03 '11 at 03:14 animikha roy New member

If the "h" at the beginning of a word is pronounced, use "a". If not, use "an." But many users don't distinguish between these two possibilities A History of the American People, a hospital, a heathen, a homily, a hamburger, vs. an honor, an honorarium, an haute-couture fashion designer, an homage (the last two words coming from French) Suzanne RobertshawNov 03 '11 at 17:36

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nope...only use "an" with vowels, or vowel sounds.

a historical monument

an obsolete work

an honorable deed (the 'h' is silent)

link comment answered Nov 03 '11 at 17:35 Scott Martin Contributor

Use "a" when the "h" in the word following the article is pronounced - a historical monument, a history book, a hymn, a homily, a hobo.


When the "h" is silent, then use "an" - for e.g., an hour ago, an heir to the throne, an honest woman.

link comment answered Nov 04 '11 at 18:26 Shaila Fernandes Expert

 Although it seems to be falling out of "style" in non-scholastic settings, using "an" with "historic" is the sort of thing that, if missing, is duly noted by an academic, often very much to the author's disadvantage.


In other words, since "an historical monument" is known to be correct by many, you risk looking bad in writing if you don't use it yourself.

link comment edited Jun 11 '13 at 02:02 Katie New member

i dont think so its correct  :p

link comment answered Nov 03 '11 at 17:33 omer New member

No, it is "a historical monument" because you only use "an" when a word begins with a vowel

link answered Nov 03 '11 at 17:34 Joe Wheeler New member

an hour? explain this, please patricearNov 04 '11 at 22:07

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