want to improve my english comunication


hi, i am a new member of this forum , i want to improve my english communicaation so can u pls suggest what i have to do to improve my communication. because english is must nowadays, and it is embarassing when somebody is taliking to u in english either u can't understand or coudn't reply in same language.

asked Nov 03 '11 at 01:07 anita New member

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Yes i want to learn english please help me.

link comment answered May 22 '12 at 03:19 Anwar New member

I am a student who wants to improve his english.
I think, The best way to learn English is to be get familiar with it. Example : to go abroad
But I dont want/cant afford to go abroad. So i created a forum about learning english.

You can;

* share everything all about English
* help members or get help by them
* do live chat with all members or only friends.
* join groups and discuss all about your favorites

Come and Let's learn english together...

All the best,

link comment answered Feb 21 '13 at 10:34 turgut New member

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