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Dear Kimberley,


I am new to Grammarly and I think the community is so friendly. Writing in English as a non-native Speaker should consistently, otherwise, you will lose soon. My grammar has been weakned.


As we know, there different type of writing. My target is international audianece for university admission. I usually write blogs for international students about univerisities and admission procedure.


I am having difficulty in choosing my writing style.  I need support in the follwing areas:


  • What kind of writing style for Blogging about studying a degree in a foreing university?
  • I like using personal pronouns as it makes it easy for international students to understand. Do I need to be more academic?
  • should I write like international English or American or British?


asked Nov 01 '11 at 12:01 Elgun Karimov New member

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