Leadership Report


I have cited each materials used in this paper but the citation audit is still requesting that the citations must be done. I have check APA. The difference could be that the ones cited are coming from the text as cited.

Would that make a major difference in the review?

See example:

A Level 5 Leader )is described as one being fanatically driven, infected with an incurable need to produce sustained results .
asked Oct 31 '11 at 08:24 Florence Mayhall-Andrews New member

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Please note that even if you have included the correct citations, if you have the plagiarism checker on, Grammarly will mark all borrowed text.  After you have assured that all citations are included in the text, you can turn off the plagiarism checker to do further revising.

link comment answered Oct 31 '11 at 14:16 Kimberly Expert

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