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"In addtion to medication container labels typed with prescriber directionss, a  medication may be labled with an auxiliary label."  This sentence is from my pharm book .

An addtion information is the first clause,  the past participle " typed " is located between verb " label " and pronoun " with" , and  I am wondering what is the function of " typed " in this sentence. Is it to place emphasis on the label that is different from others?

asked Oct 28 '11 at 05:07 JunweiZheng New member

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The word "typed" is redundant, as a label usually denotes that something is typed/printed on it, but in this case, perhaps, the writer wants to underscore the difference between two types of labels - one with prescriber directions and another auxiliary label. Either way, as long as the difference between the two is understood, inserting the word "typed" doesn't change the content of the sentence.



link answered Oct 28 '11 at 13:56 Shaila Fernandes Expert

Your answer help me to understand two labels on the same medication container. Thanks Shaila. JunweiZhengOct 28 '11 at 18:03

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