have to ? Must ?

I've got problems in finding the difference when using the modals HAVE TO and MUST . Is this sentence correct ? I have to/ must wear a school uniform. Is there any difference in meaning ? Is there a difference between the modals in American English ?
asked Oct 27 '11 at 00:44 rosana New member

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There is essentially no difference between the meaning of these two modals, - they both express obligation. However, "have to" also usually carries the extra meaning that "it is important or necessary to do something". 


The only real difficulty in usage comes when you want to put them in different tenses - "Must" cannot change tense.  So, if you want to put "I must go home." into the past or future, you have to use "had to" or "will have to".  You cannot say "musted" or "will must".

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