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Is it gramatically correct to say " (I/You/We) have to wear a school uniform ?" or "I/ You/We) must wear a school uniform ?" Are they both modal verbs accepted in the sentences either in Brittish English or in American English ? What´s the difference in meaning ?
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Hi Rosanna


It is grammatically correct to say both of these sentences.  The one with "must" means that the school insists (i.e. you have no choice; obligation).  The other one, with "have to", can be used to  mean exactly the same thing, but if you want to suggest that you think it is important to wear a uniform, use "have to" - and in speech, put the stress on "have", not "wear".

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If you can, get hold of a copy of the Collins Cobuild English Grammar - it is so much better at explaining this sort of thing than any other grammar book I have seen (I've taught ESL for 30 years).

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