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        October 22, 2011
TO:  Julie Kuder
   Management Advisor
  University Risk and Compliance

THROUGH:  Willis Marti
  Director Networking & Information Security
  CISO, Texas A&M University
CISO, Texas A& M University System
FROM:  Dr. Piece Cantrell
  Vice President & Associate Provost for Information Technology
  CIO, Texas A& M University
  CIO, Texas A& M University System

SUBJECT: Scheduled Reviews of University IT Rules and SAPs

There are sixteen Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAPs) slated for review in calendar year 2012. The below table references the University’s Rules and SAPs, the elucidation and the enumerated chronological review completion dates.  The Information Technology Risk Management team acknowledges the need to efficiently review these Rules and SAPs in the 2012 calendar year. 
The following methodology for review is proposed.  Of the number scheduled for review, two are listed for January 7 and seven are slated for February 24.  The SAPs that require review in January and February will be examined during the first half of the year (i.e., by June 30).   The ITRM group will target review completion for at least one to two SAPs for each month from January through the end of June.  The remainder of the Rules and SAPs will be reviewed using the same approach outlined.  Thus, the evaluation of SAPs will be more evenly distributed throughout the year not only for 2012 but also for successive years.


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