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I will explain assisted suicide not acceptable of compassion, for it provides no care to the demise, physician-assisted suicide influences each human being the right to die when they desire instead should recognize one self-respect to help them deal with the sickness rather than assist them in death. 

asked Oct 21 '11 at 16:17 Ana Newman New member

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Ana, as I said in the other post, I disagree with your thesis, and if I were your tutor, I would require you to examine carefully the meaning and implications of 'compassion', and the basis for your rejection of suicide as a humanistic right. I would be very wary of giving any religious basis for your reasoning, and I would require extensive reference to the psychology of pain. Be careful here not to saddle yourself with an indefensible argument.

link comment answered Oct 23 '11 at 06:10 Mark Heyne Expert

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