In conclusion I want to thank my family and friends for all the help they have given the children an


In this content is it correct to say the children and I or the children and me?

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"The children and me" is correct.


The way to figure out whether to use "me" or "I" is simple: If you remove the other part of the compound phrase ("the children and me/I"), which pronoun sounds correct?



"...all the help they have given I."

"...all the help they have given me." <-- correct


The technical rule is that "I" is a subjective pronoun and "me" is an objective pronoun. Because "the children and me" is the object of this sentence, use the objective case. The same trick for figuring out which pronoun case to use also works for subjects:


"You and me/I can get the job done quickly."=

"Me can get the job done quickly."

"I can get the job done quickly." <-- correct



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