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        Some must difficult days it is that days before surgery. It is make me feel concern ,fear and disturbed all the time. Especially if this surgery is dangerous. There are many problems of a surgery.           The reservations and surgical schedules are huge problem that faced any patients. I heard some time ago, there are a old man he must to do urgent operation as soon as possible but the hospital selected his surgery after month because there are many patients before him, so he must waiting the date of the process.           The medical errors  are committed  in medical result area lack experience or efficiency by the practitioner or categories or assistance is the result of the exercise or a modern and experimental treatment or as a result of the emergency requires speed at the expense of accuracy or nature of the complex therapy of up death incidence due to medical error rates high annually in most parts of the World which developed in the United States for example is estimated deaths from medical errors To approximately 98,000 deaths annually.             The success rate of surgery a profound impact on the psychological state of the patient because if he heard the success rate, for example 10% he will be feel so bad and he cannot go on.               I hope I will not doing any surgery at all and I always prayer for all patients to be OK and in a good health

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Some of the most difficult days are the days before surgery. I feel overwhelming concern, fear and constant dread, especially if the surgery involves a particularly dangerous. procedure. 


Putting together a surgery addresses many problems. Patients have to bear the inconvenience and problems in making reservations and surgical schedules. One time, there was an old man who needed to undergo an emergency operation, but the hospital made him wait for a month because there were several patients before him, so the old man was put on a waiting list.


(I will have to return to answer the rest later. Usually, we correct particular grammatical issues with a sentence, not full-fledged editing of lengthier pieces like this.)

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The medical errors committed in the medical area are due to the lack of experience or efficiency of the practitioner and/or assistants. Sometimes, experimental treatment is done because an emergency requires speed at the expense of accuracy, or the complex nature of the therapy.


Annual rates of incidence of death due to medical error are high in most parts of the world. In developed countries, such as the United States, estimated deaths from medical errors is approximately 98,000 deaths annually.            


The success rate of surgery has a profound impact on the psychological state of the patient, because if he hears that the success rate is 10%, he is likely to feel less hopeful, and that he cannot go on.              


I hope I do not have to undertake any such high-risk surgery, and I will always prayer for the well-being of the patient.

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I Just have an hour to gives my teacher the essay. can anyone help me please ؟

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I always have a pencil and a notebook with me. I draw, not for others, but to keep my mind off things. Drawings is the one thing I do best, I get compliments on my drawings, it's better than getting teased at.  I can be how creative I wish to be and I don’t have to listen to anyone. Drawing sends me into a different place, I don't focus on whatever is happening, I focus on drawing and stay in the moment. It was a struggle growing up for me. As a kid, I never went to a public school.  I was only homeschooled, but I learn the same things,  it just took longer sometimes. Until I move to a new town, I started going to public schools.  I was going into sixth grade, well normally I would of be going to be in seventh grade, but my mother insisted I should stay back, just for I can be able to keep up. Therefore, it was hard when I went to school, knowing that I'm a year older than everyone else and I am below average is hard. And I still feel this way to this day. Drawing is the one thing that I’m great at.  Since many of people say they aren't the best artist  (which is not true), it makes me feel better knowing that I can do something be on others can do . Being in the situation  that I am in is awful. I always feel like I’m never going to be as good as everyone else.  Not being the perfect reader, not the best speller or not being able to pronounce some words, is really hard. It affects so much in my life. I always sit back in class and never speak. Everyone always asks me why I don't participate in class, and I never answer, because it's so embarrassing. The truth is that I don’t want to mess up and get make fun of, and I’m telling you it happened a lot.  I always hide this about myself because it's a personal thing and i don’t like telling people about my life. Knowing that I have to have “special” classes is really embarrassing because I feel really stupid. Whenever I step into those classes I always feel last confident about myself. I alway say to myself “ I’m so stupid I need to be in these stupid classes.” It even worse when my teachers treat me different than my classmates. I mean I know teachers are trying to help, but they don’t understand I feel. I try really hard and stays focus all the time, but they treat different and It makes me fEel bad about myself. Drawing taught me that you can’t rush and everyone is different. It’s important to know that it takes time for big things to happen.  Even though I'm not as smart as others, I can do much more. I believe that working harder and trying your best pays off. I also believe that you have to believe in yourself. Drawing can sometimes be a struggle sometimes so, I keep my drawing in front of me  all throughout the day to  remind myself that  I can reach my goals if I try as hard.  

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1. If there was no child care, its will affected me, such as working, and school. The family who work and friend cannot wait to go to work will be a hard time and only to stay at home will be no money and pay rent. Even if this not my child only a real family and no child care then, I will find a new location for child care.
2.Most children benefited from daycare and it helps to share these benefit with their parent. It will be easier for the parent to send their children to daycare will help their child rather doing so simply so that family can go to work.
3. For the daycare, children should starter the age of five because the kid can learn quickly, how to assert themselves in a crowd, how to make friends, and how to socialize. It will be easier if we want the child to develop the brain.

4. Yes, I will attend child care before going to school because it helps what the child learn and what the child understand.5. It there is a familiar in the child care in my community, we availability and eligibility, roles of the various funding and regulatory bodies.

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