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This sentence leads to a wishing poem. How should it be punctuated? I have tried a comma and a semicolon but I get the error message.

See example:

She studied her dress and said;
asked Oct 13 '11 at 21:52 Nancy Fleming New member

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Food is one of the basic necessity in our Daily eating habits.many peoples are too;busy with their jobs.

Basically,family or even the individual people are spending a lot of time at work.that is why busy people  are prefer to eat in a restaurant.rather than eating at home.




Which are the two mistakes of capitalization on this sentence and two closing punctuation marks and 1 punctuation within in a sentence I need your some advice thanks.

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She studied her dress and said, "......." 


or, She studied her dress and said: "......."


Either a comma or a colon preceding the open quotation marks is fine.


A semi-colon (;) is usually used to separate items in a list or to divide a sentence between two independent clauses, instead of having to use connecting words/conjunctions such as "but", "not", "and".

link comment answered Oct 13 '11 at 23:36 Shaila Fernandes Expert

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