comma splices, run-ons and sentences fragments


The stunt is designed so that  a person appears to be lying full length in a box that rest on a table, the hands, feet, and head protude through holes in the ends of the box. Is this sentences a comma splices, run-on, or sentenes fragment?

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The sentence is a comma splice, but you can fix it like this: The stunt is designed so, that a person appears to be lying full length in a box that rests on a table; the hands, feet, and head protrude through the holes at the ends of the box.

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Knowing better than anyone else how the state legislature had ignored the needs of the community college system and created a crisis characterized by an uneducated workforce that had no place to go for the proper training and realizing that someone had to do something about the situation or the state would begin to lose jobs to states in the American south that were more aggressive in providing and publicizing excellence in education, Representative Fuentes began to lay plans for an education bill that took into consideration the needs of the state's community colleges and the students who attended them.

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The building is being renovated, therefor at times we have no heat, water, or electricity. 

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Millions of Americans, on average, eat junk food four times a week, therefore, most Americans are obese.

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Some people may never have the chance to have a hero in their live time or even to meet a hero.  I had the pleasure to meet a wonderful and kind and loving man who has proven himself to be a true and loving hero.  Someone who has shown me the true meaning of love and who has become my best friend, my soulmate and he continues to prove himself as my hero.  My husband Mike has been by my side for 17 years and married for 10 years.
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These families were so desperate to get food that they were willing to do anything for even the smallest scrap. The children were innocent and did not know why they were stealing or diving into trash trucks. Most of the younger kids, this was all they knew, digging through the trash for their next meal. Families were at such a low point in their lives that they thought a trash truck was a feist, or a potluck. They were even willing to steal food to survive, wanting to get caught so they could go to jail and at least get a roof over their heads and food to eat. The Great Depression turned these nice families, these innocent children into dumpster divers, into criminals.

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I am sorry you are going through such a stressful time right now in your life. Going to school, working and being a mother to a seven year old is hard. Not like I can imagine- but I see it in your eyes. I know you can do this and graduate with flying colors because you are determined to get your future on track. I want you to stay strong, not only for your little boy but for your sixteen year old sister, me. I need you to have a positive outlook on your life and not ask questions to yourself such as, “why me?”, “should I drop out?”, because you’ll have issues, I am sure of it, but I know you will overcome those roadblocks. I realize this is a hard time for you, but dear, you will be okay.  You strive for greatness, keeping your promises and being an overachiever. You have continued to shine at that for most of your life. You are honest, self-reliant, hardworking and many more amazing qualities that a person should have- and for that I look up to you. I would not like you to be angry at every mess that is made or every little item that is out of place. Focus on your education, keep your head up high and love yourself more than you ever have because those are the types of things that will get you through this hectic time in your life right now. I promise you will succeed, and I thank you so much for role modeling for me. I am immensely proud to call you my sister.
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A sentence fragment is a phrase that does not have a subject and verb, i.e. "Like the kind at the cinema." (sentence fragment)  You can correct a fragment by adding a subject (actor) and verb (action), i.e. "I like popcorn like the kind at the cinema."


Ask yourself, is there a thing or person (subject) doing something (verb)?


A run-on sentence is a the combination of more than one sentence together without appropriate ending punctuation. For example, "I like reading something new every day I think that people should read more often and it is sad that more people do not." (sentence fragment)  The correct way to write this would be to break up the complete thoughts into separate sentences -- "I like reading new every day.  I think that people should read more often; it is sad that more people do not."


Ask yourself, where does one idea end and a new idea start?


A comma-splice happens when you join to complete thoughts (sentences) together with just a comma and not another word like 'and' or 'but'. For example, "She ran to the store to buy some eggs, she came home with candies!"  The way to correct this error is to add a conjunction (a word like 'and' or 'but') after the comma -- "She ran to the store to buy some eggs, but came home with candies!" 


Nota Bene: Comma-splices are often present within run-on sentences.


Ask yourself, where does one idea end and another start?  If there is a comma, have I used an appropriate conjunction or is it better to use a period?


So, if we look at your sentence: 


The stunt is designed so that a person appears to be lying full length in a box that rests on a table, the hands, feet, and head protude through holes in the ends of the box.


1) Is there a thing or person (subject) doing something (verb)?


Yes, "the stunt" is the thing, and "is designed" is the verb (note, this sentence is in passive voice.)


2) Ask yourself, where does one idea end and a new idea start?


One idea ends with "on the table".  The new idea starts with "hands, feet, and head".  This is a run-on sentence.


 3) If there is a comma, have I used an appropriate conjunction or is it better to use a period?


Yes, there is a comma.  So this is a comma-splice.  Consider adding a conjunction after the comma and before "hands".  Alternatively (and what I wouls recommend), you can change the comma to period and start a new sentence with "hands".

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